Custom Web Application development
Custom web applications are designed according to client specific requirements, advanced web and enterprise portals using the latest technologies, rich functionality in a bug free frame.

We deliver rich internet applications and web solutions combining our solid cross-domain experience and technological. Our web application support and maintenance services are aimed at ensuring stable and uninterrupted operation of your business system. It also includes analysis, resolution and application enhancement.

Gloe make your web dream to reality. Using this you will get instant access to your secured information from any location at any time. Gloe help you to achieve “exactly” what you need. No off the shelf software can claim to do this. Built using open source technologies like PHP and MySQL can achieve tremendous results in a very short span of time at a very reasonable cost.

Ecommerce Software

We deliver integrated, customized e-commerce web stores and systems for companies of all sizes. GloE offers you an exciting yet affordable range of ecommerce solution that can help you achieve your desired profitability, motivating customer service, reducing overheads, and revenues that you dreamt of.

GloE is capable of constructing great ecommerce web site with integrated shopping cart software and user-friendly features that helps your customers to quickly and easily complete their transactions. We provide completely customizable shopping process, order tracking, shipping, taxation and product presentation strategy.

Effective e-commerce website design is vital to success for your business. We offer e-commerce website design solutions for any size company. We can provide anything from a basic website to database driven e-commerce solutions at an affordable price. A fully custom website is guaranteed to stand out from the competition. We offer truly unique e-commerce website design to fit your exact specifications.

Internet retailing involves so much more than offering items for sale and optimizing each page. In many ways, a successful retail eCommerce business requires the same attention to retail fundamentals as any other retail business. Being an eCommerce consultant, we focus on these retail fundamentals.

Retail e-commerce solutions can help you increase sales, wallet share and revenue by evolving your Web presence. Web applications such as shopping carts, fulfillment and shipping automation can provide customers with a superior online shopping experience. And cost-effective fulfillment and customer tracking systems can increase customer loyalty, improve customer relationship data and boost sales.
Custom Shopping Cart solutions

Pre-made shopping cart programs or ecommerce shopping cart software may not provide you with the flexibility or features that you want or need. GloE will give you the solution. We will design shopping cart for you according to your requirements. Build and manage your online store with minimum manual efforts through easy to use, highly customizable from GloE.

We provide custom solution, written from scratch. It is the only way to get what you want and have the flexibility you need. The secret is to just start simple and let the site evolve over a period of years. Don’t worry, the needs will become evident (a visitor information database, administration section, manual and automatic user login, email manager, etc.), with a custom solution you can just dive in and do it because anything is possible and any change can be managed.
Custom CMS Solutions

A CMS (or Content Management System) is an application-style back end tool used to manipulate website content.

By utilizing the tools that GloE provide in your CMS you can update webpage text, add/remove photos, send newsletters, manage your website users and much more. The possibilities are endless. The right CMS can give you as much or as little control as you need — including the ability to add, remove and edit photos, text and videos. This enables you to keep your site’s content fresh so that visitors — and search engines — see that your site is constantly kept up–to–date!

The high standard of programming that goes into Open Source software development gives any application flexibility and ensures that any programmer can look at the source code and immediately understand the conventions used and flow of the code.
Web Design

Your Website should not only be informative, it should also be pleasing to look at. A good website is one that has the ability to attract and retain visitors. And needless to say, this is one of the most critical factors for the success of your business.

As a premier Website Designing Company & Website Development Company, Gloe has always believed in giving budget friendly solutions to the clients.
Social Networking Web Applications

We provide high impact websites and web applications in a variety of domains which include social networking, finance, health and various web 2.0 applications.

We specialize in merging social networking with search, directory, e-commerce, content, etc… to create unique and remarkable custom solutions. With various social networking websites already being used by a million people everyday, it is now an important fact that social networking has become a part of everyday life.

Our social networking solutions are always custom and are always based on your unique goals, objectives, and target audience. Users can create a rich profile and connect to others relevant to their interests.
Facebook Application

Our team has been working on integrating our clients websites/application to facebook. We can help you to integrate facebook applications to your site.