Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is a user interface (UI) JavaScript library, or framework, specifically built for the Mobile Web. Sencha Touch is used to develop easily and quickly HTML5 based mobile apps that work on Android, iOS and Blackberry devices and produces a native-app-like experience inside a mobile browser or when wrapped as a native app using a wrapper.


  • Built on HTML5 Technology
  • Smoother Scrolling and Animations
  • Adaptive Layouts
  • Native Packaging

Benefits on GLOE

Our team have the skills and expertise to build cross-platform apps on the Sencha Touch platform. We guarantee creative and user friendly Sencha Touch based web apps for both android as well as iOS platforms.

Our company will  help you to implement a successful mobile business strategy with our faster and refined enterprise mobility services- Sencha Touch being one of them. Gloe Sencha Touch development services would give you efficient apps with a smooth performance.