Ruby/Ruby on Rails

Ruby is a programming language based on the open-source web app framework Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails, often simply referred to as Rails, is an open source web application framework written in Ruby.

Two features that set Ruby apart from other programming languages are:
• Speed of application development
• Ease of adaptation of web apps built with Ruby
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Ruby on rails is an open source full stack web application framework. The Rails framework provides web developers full capability to gather information from the web server, query the database and render templates. This enables RoR programmers to write less code and execute applications quicker

Features of Ruby on Rails
Integrated AJAX Function
Object Oriented Database
Shell/SSH access
Mongrel support
Expansion options for future requirements

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Porting and Migration
Architecture Re-design and Improvement
Solving scalability, usability and security issues
Rails Blogs, Widgets and Social Networking site development
Rails e-Commerce Application Development
Rails Support and maintenance.