jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is a web application framework that caters to the development needs of all popular mobile devices, built on top of the jQuery JavaScript framework. jQuery Mobile allows developers to write code for a single cogent website and run it on different mobile devices rather than build separate websites for all the different mobile operating systems out there.

As a jQuery Mobile solutions provider, Gloe offer highly reliable jQuery Mobile development services to our clients all over the globe. With our tremendous experience in designing and developing mobile applications using jQuery, we provide our clients with fine-tuned and high-quality services that benefit them with reduced- time-to-market, -cost and enhanced returns on investments for their business.

The code, which is written by our skilled developers, runs consistently over the smart phone and tablet browsers.And it is completely compatible with all popular desktop and mobile applications which existing. With the best experts in our team we integrate the application with multi-platform mobile application development which makes Gloe a place to look for.

In order to cater to the needs of our clients, we are able to come up with custom solutions that will not only solve  problems, but will also allow you to have a greater reach when it is the world wide web that is the main concern.

Our jQuery Expertise

  • Prior experience in jQuery and HTML
  • Maintaining clean URLs
  • Building UI widgets